The Year Without Summer by Jack Hunt Book Review

The Year Without Summer by Jack Hunt is a supervolcano disaster thriller.

Fresh after a divorce volcanologist, Catherine Shaw is on vacation at Yellowstone park with her son Jordan where she hopes to mend their relationship. However, the vacation is not going as planned, worryingly there are signs that the long-dormant supervolcano under the park is waking up and is on the brink of erupting. With a ticking bomb that could easily destroy a large portion of North America, Catherine and a deputy park ranger need to convince the park superintendent of the coming disaster.

This is a fun fast-paced, post-apocalyptic read and is great for lovers of natural disaster movies and books.


Excerpt from The Year Without Summer by Jack Hunt

“You know my father thinks I’m crazy marrying you.”

He offered back a confused expression. “Why?”

“Why do you think? You work on top of a ticking time bomb.”

He grimaced then laughed. “He’s not back to that again, is he? Honestly, you should tell him to treat what he finds online with a healthy dose of skepticism. There is so much misinformation being touted it’s unreal. Jenna, the caldera hasn’t had a major volcanic eruption in 640,000 years.”

“Actually the last was 70,000 years ago,” Jenna said. Logan shook his head. “Okay, my bad. I forgot about the flow that formed the Pitchstone Plateau. But c’mon, it wasn’t even close to the one before that.”

She opened her mouth as if she was about to say something and Logan beat her to the punch. “And before you say it… yes, the geysers might blow off some water and steam from time to time but that’s all it is—water and steam, not magma. In fact if there is going to be an explosion it will be a hydrothermal eruption. Seriously, there’s nothing to worry about. The USGS has the place hooked up with all kinds of instruments. And the University of Utah keeps track of all the earthquakes. The first sign of trouble and they’d let us know.”

She scoffed. “Like they did the with the last earthquake in 2014. What was that? A 4.8 magnitude.”

“Yeah, and nothing happened. Besides it was one out of two thousand that year.”

“And what about the 7.2 magnitude in 1959?” Jenna asked.

“Strong, and I admit there were a few casualties with that one but the caldera didn’t erupt.” Jenna stared into the fire.

“Still. I can understand why he’s worried.” Logan let out a laugh. “We aren’t even married yet and he thinks you’re going to be widowed. You need to let him know that everything is okay. Yellowstone gets close to 3,000 earthquakes a year and most of them are too small to be felt. It’s normal.”

“Like Mount St. Helens in the ’80s was normal?”

Logan tossed the stick into the fire and turned in his seat.

“Jenna, what’s the matter? You having second thoughts about us?”

She was quick to smother that. “No,” she said shaking her head and then sighing. “I just worry, that’s all. My father wondered if you would consider taking a position on the East Coast on Cape Cod.”

He snorted. “Oh, so that’s what this is about. He wants you to live near him?” She stared off into the fire and fine lines formed on her forehead.

“No. Yes. Maybe. I don’t know. You know how parents are. They’re getting older and want to make sure…” she trailed off.

Her parents were good people. Really good. But like anyone worried for their kid, they acted a little paranoid after hearing what he did for a living. Logan allowed silence to stretch between them. Jenna stood up and grabbed his hand hoping to lift the mood.

“Come on, let’s forget the conversation and go take a swim.” She was quick to change the subject as they made their way down to join the others.