The Serial Dater by Rachel Cavanagh Review

The Serial Dater by Rachel Cavanagh is a women’s fiction novel with a romantic twist. The book follows tech journalist, Isobel while she explores the ins and outs of online dating over a month, one date every night.

Embracing her new assignment, thrust upon her by her editor William, single girl Izzy starts off by creating a shopping list of what she looks for (and doesn’t want to see) when she is on date. Armed with her list she signs up for a local dating site and the dates start streaming in thick and fast.

The Characters

While the story focuses on Issy the real stars of the book are her dates. Izzy is a typical single woman, journalist, she is smart and knows what she wants. Watching her interact with the various men from the sweet and normal to the colorful and zany is what makes this book compelling and keeps you turning the pages.

What I loved

I loved that we got to experience all the dates with Izzy, it was fun to meet the very different guys she went out on dates with.

What I did not like

I felt that Izzy could be very judgemental at times and at first, this felt a little off-putting, it made me not like her very much. However, as the story progresses and she actually experiences different men and different situations you get to see her evolve.


From one of Izzy’s columns:

Whether a man is tall or short, fat or thin, he is likely to have a number of layers that are worth peeling back (metaphorically, on the first date, girls!) revealing the real him. Equally you might think about relaxing and letting small amounts of your true personality shine. That may be easier said than done if you’re nervous meeting for the first time, but I have found in the past that I’ve not relaxed and felt, when he’s said ‘Thanks, but no thanks’, that he’s not seen the real me. As the dish of the day walks away, my insides are screaming, ‘Wait, that wasn’t me in there, I’m a lovely person really,’ but the damage is already done.

Of course, attraction is a big part of finding a partner, because if you don’t fancy them the first time in bed together, both shaved and smelling lovely, you’re certainly not going to fancy them in x years’ time when shaving was something that you watched on an Australian farming documentary, there are his and hers false teeth in tumblers on his and hers bedside tables, and you smell like… we won’t go there. You may like someone who’s buff, tanned and gorgeous, but that won’t last forever. If his exterior needs a bit of a repaint, then that’s just minor cosmetics, but if his interior needs a complete DIY home improvement then that’s a whole Boots superstore. Me, I prefer a rugby player build to footballer. Peter Crouch is probably lovely, but ew, no. No meat. I like a bit of meat, but given the choice of an intelligent, funny rake or thick-as-a-barge buff brickie, the rake would win every time (although I’d still take the brickie’s number for a few jobs I need doing round the house).

So two more things to tick on my ‘dater’s shopping list’: Do –take time to get to know the person beneath the skin (however saggy it may be!) and Don’t –have sweetner in your tea when your body is crying out for full-fat hundred-calories-a-grain sugar.

Similar Books or Authors

If you like romantic comedies or chick lit like Bridget Jones’ Diary you will enjoy this book. If you feel like a night in with some popcorn, why not try a romcom such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.




Publisher: August Publishing UK

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Best Part: The end, the author really did a good job of not making it too obvious.

Is it available on audio? No