The Other Side of Forestlands Lake by Carolyn Elizabeth Review

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake by Carolyn Elizabeth is a second-chance romance enrobed in a suspenseful, paranormal mystery.

Willa Dunford is a popular YA author who is returning with her troubled younger sister, Nicole, to her family cabin at Forestland Lake that was the site of a tragedy that broke up her family many years ago. During her stay, she is reunited with her childhood best friend and first crush, Lee Chandler who runs the LGBTQ day camp on the other side of the lake.

Hoping to find a place to calm wild Nicole and inspiration for her next supernatural novel, Willa soon realises that ghosts maybe not be confined to the past or the pages of her books.

While this book is marketed as a romance I felt that while the relationship between the two women is a strong element in the story, the romance aspect was not at the forefront. Personally, I like this as the romance is not the driver of the plot, the suspense and the mystery is. As a paranormal mystery, it definitely got creepy without ever devolving into horror, and I think the end will satisfy any hardcore couch-detective.

This is a great read for anyone who enjoys paranormal elements in their stories without it becoming a horror.

Excerpt from The Other Side of Forestlands Lake

“Hi,” a soft voice called to her.

“Hi,” she whispered back, brushing her dark hair out of her face, cocking her head this way and that to get a look at the speaker.

“What’s your name?” the friendly voice asked.

“Sasha.” She answered and stepped closer to the trees, seeing a flash of eyes and white teeth through the branches. “Do you go to camp here?” she asked.

“Sometimes, Sasha,” the voice answered.

“Do you?”

“I’m only eight. Next year I can come.”

“I’m sure you’ll make lots of friends. I don’t have a lot of friends.”

“What are you doing here?” Sasha asked.

“The last day of camp is always so fun and no one ever notices me, so I like to just be somewhere out of the way and watch.”

“No one is paying attention to me either. Is that your boat?”

“No, but I’m allowed to use it. Would you like to see it? Maybe we can be friends.”

“Yes, please.” Her mother would be proud she remembered her manners. Sasha took the offered hand and stepped into the boat.

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