The Mystery of Alice by Lee Bacon Audiobook Review

The Mystery of Alice by Lee Bacon is an Audible original mystery and thriller audiobook aimed at teens and young adults.

Emily Poe has won a full scholarship to the exclusive Audyn school in Manhattan. She thought the elaborate test by the mysterious Leopold Foundation to get into the school would be her biggest challenge, but it turns out that getting in was only the first hurdle and not everything is as it seems.

Thirteen-year-old Emily is boarded with her fellow scholarship winner Alice Wray. They are instantly inseparable and the two rely on each other to get through the challenges of finding themselves suddenly living in the world of the super-wealthy and connected. Everything seems to be going well until Alice goes missing.

The story is told in a vlog format by Emily documenting her journey from when she gets invited to apply to the school and her investigation into Alice’s disappearance.

The book features a full cast of narrators and really feels like you’re listening to a play instead of a book. It’s a fun story to listen to and it would be a great listening material for a long car ride with older kids.





Bryan Kennedy

Jessica Almasy 

Josh Hurley 

Cassandra Morris 

 Libby McKnight

Emily Bauer 

 Michael Crouch