The Hospital by Keith C Blackmore

The Hospital by Keith c blackmore

Augustus Berry is a survivor known as Mountain Man and in this short audiobook, we are introduced to him and the post-apocalyptic world in which he lives. The audiobook is only about an hour long but it’s great fun.

We start off with Mountain Man scrounging for supplies in a hospital. The only problem is, there could be zombies around every corner and behind every closed door.

Then he discovered toilet paper – a luxury that has him thinking perhaps there is more to be taken from this hospital and so he stays longer than he should. And when he ventures deeper into the hospital he wishes he hadn’t and isn’t sure that he will survive.

This is a short story of only about 9500 words and about an hour long listen on audible. It’s a great taste of the series and it’s free.

This is the series in order:

What I loved

The narration was awesome. R.C. Bray did a great job of really putting me in the action. I enjoyed the rough man who doesn’t care about anything but survival vibe of the story and would totally listen to it again.

And the best part is if you enjoyed this one then there is an omnibus of audiobooks to follow on with.

What I didn’t not like

There was a lot of drinking and stink. But having said that, it made for a more realistic character.

Excerpt from The Hospital by Keith C Blackmore

He wore an extra layer of denim jeans underneath the pants, which he had taken from the same shop where he got the jacket and boots. Knee pads and elbow pads protected his joints, while a dark brace covered his neck. Black gloves sheathed his hands, fingerless, to allow a better grip on his shotgun. An aluminum baseball bat was slung across his back, Samurai style, in a crude scabbard next to a backpack. A motorcycle helmet and visor hid his features and completed the set of armor.

Dressed as he was, it would take a strong bite indeed to puncture the leather.

The second his boot heels hit pavement, his twelve-gauge shotgun came up, its butt tucked firmly against his shoulder and the strap dangling in a loop. He pumped a round into the chamber, the schlack as loud as thunder.

Nothing emerged from the hospital.

Nothing charged him from the deserted cars on the nearby parking lots.

His name was Augustus Berry, and he studied the hospital’s double doors for seconds, not seeing anything beyond the glass except an empty foyer.

He listened.

Heard nothing. Not a single note.

So he stood there for a few seconds, poised to shoot and retreat, the motorcycle’s visor impassive. Gus patted his pockets, feeling the extra shotgun shells there, and then reached over his shoulder and located the bat, ready to grab if needed.

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About This Book

Publisher: Podium Publishing

Genre: Post Apocalypse/Horror

Best Part: Toilet paper

Is it available on audio? Yes