Jeff Wheeler

Fireblood by Jeff Wheeler Book Review

The latest fantasy series, Whispers from Mirowen, by Jeff Wheeler is available. The first book in the trilogy is Fireblood. Orphan, Annon has been raised as a druidecht, a class that is taught to communicate with the spirit world and enlist the spirits’ help. He has been summoned by his uncle Tyrus of Kenatos to help Hettie, the sister he did not know he had from, secure a treasure to

The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler

The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler is the first book in his new fantasy series, The Grave Kingdom. Bingmei’s family is slain by a band of marauders leaving her orphaned and alone in the dead of winter as she hides in her family compound as the looters camp out for the winter. She is eventually rescued by a band of mercenaries that take her in and train her to become