Sun, Sea, the billionaire and me by Harmony Knight Book Review

Sun, Sea, the billionaire and me by Harmony Knight is a sweet and hot billionaire romance.

Accounting intern Fran works for a boss from hell, but if she can just survive the one-year internship she’ll get the job that is sure to launch of her career. Luckily for her her best friend Robbie is getting married to a tech billionaire Matt, and has gifted her a couture bridesmaids dress that she can resell to bring in the money she needs to survive the year in New York City. On the wedding day a freak accident with a goose leaves Fran cold and dripping wet in a lake, her couture dressed ruined. The only upside is that she is rescued by Matt’s sexy business partner Jonah Wells.

A year later at Robbie and Matts’s first-anniversary party on a private island in the Bahamas Fran is reunited with Jonah and the chemistry is undeniable.

This was such a fun and easy read. While it does have a billionaire love interest it is not at all dark and moody, it’s much more of a rom-com with some really hot chemistry.

This is a great read for the poolside or if you are looking for something that gives you action vibes.






Excerpt from Sun, Sea, the billionaire and me by Harmony Knight

“Okay, okay,” I say, my grin finally dropping. I close my eyes, tip my head back, and open my mouth.

“Try again.”

Nothing happens. Opening one eye, I look over at him. He seems lost in thought all of a sudden. “Jonah?”

“Right,” he says, then clears his throat and shakes his head. “Okay, so this time, just let it wash over your tongue, underneath it, swirl it around your mouth, and let your palate do its thing.”

I feel the cool rim of the glass on my lips. It feels so intimate, suddenly. His thigh presses against me a little harder when he leans forward. I’m drowning in the smell of him and the warmth of him and the tingle all over my body, and the featherlight pressure of the glass on my mouth sends a bolt of long-neglected need down my body. I can feel goose pimples prickling my skin, and I’m acutely aware that Jonah can probably see them. My mouth floods with whiskey again, but this time, I manage to hold it just like Jonah told me to. I swirl it around my tongue.

“That’s it,” he whispers. “Just like that. Caress it with your tongue.”

I roll my tongue up and down, side to side, exploring the tingling heat with every tastebud.

“You’ll get those same floral notes,” he says, and I pick them up right away. “Some spices and plum.”

I nod, and the “Mmhmm,” I hum comes out like a salacious moan.

I hear him swallow again, and his voice is a little lower when he speaks again. “The plum is from the sherry that was matured in the barrels before they were used for the whiskey,” he says. His fingers move on the back of my head, ever so slowly, fanning out and then in, gently massaging my scalp and lulling me into a state of deep relaxation with a side of heady arousal. “You might be able to taste the oak of the barrel, too,” Jonah says.

I nod, unable to speak. My mind is suddenly too addled to find words. I’d never admit it to anyone, but I wish he’d just kiss me. And pluck me out of this chair and do things to me on the bar. When he speaks again, he’s closer. So close I can feel his breath on the shell of my ear.

His voice is barely more than a whisper. “Now swallow it.”

I feel a deep pang of clenching need in my belly at the sound of those words. I have no idea how this became so erotic, but I think whiskey is my new favorite drink. Goodbye, bellinis. It was fun while it lasted, but you never made me pant.