Regretting you by Colleen Hoover Review

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover is a novel that explores the relationship between a mother and daughter after the untimely death of their husband and father.

Morgan Grant married her high school sweetheart Chris after learning she was pregnant at 17. Fast forward 17 happy years of family life and Morgan and her daughter Clara’s lives are upended when Chris dies in a car accident.

While struggling to figure out her new life, Morgan is faced with Clara’s growing resentment and rebellion as she makes decisions her daughter doesn’t like and finds comfort in an unexpected place. As unexpected twists and turns continue to interrupt their already chaotic lives Morgan and Clara’s relationship heads towards a tipping point.

I enjoyed Regretting You and thankfully the book was never about Morgan regretting getting pregnant with her daughter when she was a teenager, which is what I thought the premise was at first. If you like books about complicated romantic and family relationships this is the book for you.

The Characters

I found it easy to sympathise with Morgan through all the difficult situations that she as to manoeuvre through. Clara on the other hand is an annoying, selfish teenager, and while at many times during the book I hated her, I still could see why she was reacting in the way she does. Colleen Hoover is great at character development and this book shows it.

Excerpt from Regretting You

“Is Jenny on her way over?” I lift my head just as Jonah swings his gaze in my direction. He doesn’t answer my question. He just stares at me, his brow furrowed, so I continue. “I tried calling her, but whoever answered the phone in Labor and Delivery kept telling me she isn’t on the schedule today.”

Jonah’s eyes squint with a shake of his head. “I’m confused,” he says.

“I know. I told her she started back today, but the woman tried arguing with me.”

Why are you trying to call Jenny?” He’s standing now. The confusion dripping from him is making me more nervous than I already am.

“She’s my sister. Of course I’m going to call her and tell her about Chris.”

Jonah shakes his head. “What about Chris?”

What about Chris? I’m so confused. “What do you mean? They called me and said Chris was in a wreck. Why else would I be here?”

Jonah swallows, dragging his hands down his face. Somehow, his eyes fill with even more concern. “Morgan.” He steps closer to me. “I’m here because Jenny was in a wreck.”

If I wasn’t already sitting, I would have fallen. I don’t make a noise. I just stare at him and try to process everything. I shake my head and try to speak, but my words are weak.

“You must have misunderstood them. They can’t both have been . . .”

“Wait here,” Jonah says. He strides to the window and rings the bell.

I pull my cell phone out of my purse and dial Jenny’s.



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The Audiobook

This book is also available with audio narration by Tanya Eby and Lauren Ezo through Audible and Whispersync on Kindle.