Modern Magick, The Road to Farringale by Charlotte E. English Book Review

Modern Magick, The Road to Farringale by Charlotte E. English is the first book in the Modern Magick urban fantasy series.

Cordelia “Ves” Vesper works for the Society for Magickal Heritage, tasked with keeping British magic alive. Together with a misfit team made up of a new recruit, a necromancer and the most handsome troll alive, Ves has to get to the bottom of a magical disease decimating the troll population of the British Isles. To figure out what is going on they need to travel to the ancient troll enclave of Farringale, unfortunately, this is not so simple as the location of Farringale is lost to history.

I enjoyed the quirky world-building of this book which reminded me a little of Harry Potter in that there is an entire magical world that co-exists alongside the modern world and has its own rules, regulations and governing bodies. There are also delightful aspects to this book such as the head of the Society is a disembodied voice called Milady and the house the organisation is located in is sentient and pretty much a character in itself.

If you’re looking for an entertaining urban fantasy that does not take itself too seriously I would recommend giving this one a  try. There are quite a few books in the series which is great for people who like to entrench themselves in fantasy worlds.

You will enjoy this book if you like:

  • Urban fantasies
  • Magic
  • Banter
  • Quirky characters





Excerpt from Modern Magick, The Road to Farringale by Charlotte E. English

‘Um, Ves…?’ said Jay.

‘Hang on.’ Almost… ah, there they were. I withdrew my hand, bringing forth a set of tiny silver pipes. Jay’s confusion only grew.


‘Syrinx pipes,’ I corrected.

The baron knew what they were, for his grin flashed bright and he chuckled. I blew a trilling melody upon my beautiful pipes and in response, a breeze swirled through my hair. Not a frantic, grabbing breeze like the Winds of the Ways, but a gentle wind, warm and serene and scented with flowers. I shoved the pipes away again and faced the horizon.

‘Any moment now.’

‘Should I ask why you keep charmed syrinx pipes in your undergarments?’ Jay said, apparently more intrigued by that question than whatever might come of my music.

‘They’re safe in there,’ I murmured, not paying him much attention. If he made any response, I missed it, for there in the sky was a pinprick of colour, growing rapidly larger and more distinct. Three others formed around it. They flew fast, feathered pinions spread wide to ride the winds, and soon they were swooping in to land upon the hilltop nearby.

‘Unicorns?’ said Jay, incredulous. ‘You just whistled a quartet of winged unicorns out of your bra?’

‘Never underestimate the benefits of a good bra,’ I told him with dignity. ‘As many a lingerie company will tell you.’

Jay, for once, had nothing to say.