Magical Midlife Madness by K.F. Breene Review

Magical Midlife Madness by K.F. Breene is a story of a woman finding her power (literally and figuratively) after her marriage ends.

Newly divorced Jessie has taken on the job of caretaker of an old mansion belonging to a family friend in the little town of O Brien. She soon discovers that the house, her job and the colourful townspeople aren’t at all what they seem.

Generally, I stay away from books about divorce as I find that the story is tinged with sadness throughout. But this book had a paranormal theme which I can’t resist so I gave it a try, and I’m so glad that I did because this is definitely not the case in the book. In fact, this book was a wild, fun and unexpected ride, KF Breene manages to create a magical world that is familiar yet does not stick to the same played out characters and tropes that we have become so used to reading about.

In her new role, Jessie is shedding off her old life of being a wife and mother and learning through some hilarious and eyebrow-raising situations that she is capable and far stronger than she had ever thought.

Read Magical Midlife Madness if you want a book that makes you feel empowered and happy while enjoying a cast of eccentric characters.

Excerpt from Magical Midlife Madness

“You rang.”

“Oh!” I jumped and spun around, clutching my purse to my chest like some old biddy at an unexpected peep show. A tall, gangly man with more wrinkles than hair stood in front of me, his eyes a deep midnight, his scowl possibly etched into his face from years of use, and his height topping mine by at least a foot, putting him somewhere in between six and seven feet tall. A moth-bitten suit clung to his bony shoulders and a tattered cape dusted the back of his thighs, fluttering in a breeze I couldn’t feel. I didn’t know where he’d come from, but he’d snuck up behind me silently. “Ha-ha,” I laughed warily. “Good one. From the Addams Family, right? Lurch?” I pointed at him for no reason, kind of just needing something to do with my hands. His stare was unnerving. Silence stretched between us. I lifted my eyebrows, hoping he’d pick up the conversational baton and run with it. When he didn’t, I cleared my throat. “I’m Jess. Jacinta.” I shrugged. “Jessie. Usually.”

“Are you usually the one person or do you switch between all three?” the ancient butler said with no hint of humor. I smiled unconvincingly and half-chuckled anyway. The guy was weird.

“So…I’m the new caretaker,” I said, trying not to sound awkward. And failing miserably. “Are you Great Uncle Earl?”

“I am not your great uncle anything, but my name is Earl, yes. You may call me Tom.”

“Tom,” I said, searching his face for a joke. If it was there, it was hidden behind the scowl.

“Mr. Tom,” he said. I was pretty sure my eyebrows had gotten lost in my hairline.

“Mr. Tom.” I squinted at him. “Are you kidding, or… I can’t tell if you’re kidding.”

“I am a butler. I never kid.”

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Magical Midlife Madness Audiobook

This book is also available with audio narration by Nicole Poole through Audible and Whispersync on Kindle.