It All Comes Back to You by Beth Duke

It All Comes Back to You by Beth Duke is a women’s’ fiction novel that explores the impact of how decisions, even seemingly small ones have the ability to completely change the lives that we have planned for ourselves.

Ronni Johnson is a nurse at an assisted living facility where she meets charming, enigmatic Violet who upon her death bequeaths Ronni the means to write a book about her life story. As Ronni settle to write the books, she discovers that there are some holes that Violet’s stories don’t quite fill, as she delves deeper into the older woman’s life she unveils secrets that have the power to change the lives of those still living.

The book unfolds alternating between Ronni in the present day trying to juggle her new project and her job and in the past where we meet Violet as a high school senior in 1947.

Through Violet’s story, we learn about the incredible strength and resilience women have to possess if they are going to survive in a world where their hopes and dreams are not always under their own control and can be easily taken away by the men in her life.

This is a book that exudes warmth throughout whether you are reliving Violet’s happiest moments or her saddest ones.

Excerpt from It All Comes Back to You

The lobby was deserted except for an old man reading a newspaper in the corner. Violet saw Mr. Wilson at the ticket window’s desk and turned her back to him, praying he wouldn’t recognize her. Violet sighed, wishing her future husband were as punctual as he was handsome.

Their train was scheduled to depart in fifteen minutes and there was no sign of him. She watched the seconds tick away on a huge wall clock as she fanned herself with a movie magazine against the stifling heat. A family with three children arrived on the 7:20 from Atlanta and stumbled wearily through the station to embrace the old man, who suddenly came to life and jumped to greet them, sweeping a tiny girl into his arms. Violet tracked them from behind her magazine as they made their way to a battered DeSoto and piled in.

She leapt to her feet as Sam’s car pulled into the lot, then sank onto the bench when she saw Mr. Davidson heading for the station door. He spotted her and crossed the lobby to sit down, clasping his hands as if in prayer.

“Hello, Violet,” he began.

“What has happened to Sam? Where is he?”

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It all comes back to you Audiobook

This book is also available with audio narration by Amy McFadden through Audible and Whispersync on Kindle.