Hell Island by Matthew Reilly

There is an island that doesn’t appear on any maps. It’s a top secret place where classified experiments happen.

But something has gone terribly wrong and when they send in not one but four elite teams then you know it’s something really bad.

Shane Schofield, call-sign: SCARECROW is leading the Marines. He is the best of the best and we have seen him get out of really bad situations in some of the previous books.

When the other special ops teams start to die then SCARECROW has no choice but to try and out-think the enemy. Is that even possible when he doesn’t even know who the enemy is, never mind whether or not they are even human.

Welcome to Hell Island.

What I loved

This novella is jam-packed with nail-biting action. I love the way Reilly writes and devoured this baby in no time at all. If you want a great short read that will keep you entertained then this is it.

What I didn’t not like

Not a thing.

Excerpt from Hell Island by Matthew Reily


The Last Man Standing

Terrified, wounded and out of amo Lieutenant Rick ‘Razor’ Haynes staggered down the aircraft carrier’s tight passage. Blood poured from a gunshot wound to his left thigh. His face was badly scratched.

He panted, gasping for breath. He was the last force still alive.

He could hear the enemy behind him.

Grunting, growling.

Stalking him, hunting him down.

The enemy knew they had him; knew he was out of ammunition, out of contact with base and out of comrades in arms.

The passageway was hardly wide enough for his shoulders. Situated one level below the flight deck, it gave access to the senior officers’ quarters on this aircraft carrier. It has grey steel walls studded with rivets – the kind you find on a warship.

In agony, Haynes arrives at a thick steel door leading from the passage and tumbled through it, landing in a room. He reached up and pulled the heavy steel door shut behind him and locked it.

A second later, the great steel door shuddered violently, pounded from the other side.

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Publisher Pan MacMillan

Genre Action

Best Part The snappy one-liners in the dialogue

Is it available on audio? Yes

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