Fireblood by Jeff Wheeler Book Review

The latest fantasy series, Whispers from Mirowen, by Jeff Wheeler is available. The first book in the trilogy is Fireblood.

Orphan, Annon has been raised as a druidecht, a class that is taught to communicate with the spirit world and enlist the spirits’ help. He has been summoned by his uncle Tyrus of Kenatos to help Hettie, the sister he did not know he had from, secure a treasure to buy herself out of a life of slavery. Annon discovers that just like him,  Hettie is a Fireblood, a rare and feared form of magic.

They soon realise that Hettie’s freedom was never the end game, Tyrus is using them to resume his life’s work to banish the plagues that ravage the kingdoms.

But not everyone wants the plagues to be gone and a lethal Kishion has been sent after them to stop their plan.

Fireblood is also available as an Audiobook. This one is narrated by Michael Page whose narration style I did not enjoy as much as Kate Rudd who narrates his other series. While Page is great for the older characters, his voice work is not suited for the younger characters such as Annon who sounded like an older man which kept me from getting lost in the story. I also did not enjoy how he voiced Hettie. While the story is enjoyable and as always Jeff Wheeler creates an amazing world I wish that I had read instead of listened to this book.

Excerpt from Fireblood by Jeff Wheeler

Merinda raised her good arm and flames gushed from her fingers, sweeping the attackers with a plume of heat that turned them into white ash.

It was not enough. A new wave of attackers bounded in from behind them. Tyrus had just enough time to turn and send flames hurtling into them. He brought down three before the fourth launched at him and sent him toppling backward. Claws raked down his lips and chin, furiously and ferociously trying to rip out his throat. He felt its hind claws on his bloodied legs and he twisted reflexively. Its teeth snapped near his ear. He could feel its panting breath, its saliva spattering on his neck. Then suddenly he was bathed in flames, and the being vanished with the heat. Merinda stood over him, her crooked arm held out, sending more fire into the new attackers. Smoke trailed from his cloak.

Tyrus saw her eyes. They were gleeful.

“Stop!” he shouted at her. “Merinda, stop!”

She let the flames out like a flood, engulfing the area in blazing sheets, catching another group as it tried to flank her. Then she smiled, experiencing a euphoria so powerful that it stole everything from her.

Tyrus saw another pack lunging at her from behind. Pulling himself up to one knee, he straightened his arms and sent a whirlwind of fire at them, though more focused and controlled. There were so many! One dodged his attempt to destroy it and vaulted at Merinda. It struck her from behind, smashing her to the charred earth. It raised a terrible paw and Tyrus tackled it, grabbing its outstretched limb and sending flames through it all in one burst. He felt his hold on sanity slipping. He wanted to free the magic completely, to create a forest blaze so massive that nothing but he and Merinda would be safe to walk in it. He nearly gave into the craving.