Come Sundown by Nora Roberts Book Review

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts cover

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts is a suspense-filled novel perfect for when you want to get lost in a page-turner.

Bodine Longbow runs her family’s resort in Western Montana. Dedicated to her job she has no time for anything else not even love. When the head rancher resigns her childhood crush Callen Skinner, returns to take his place after a stint as a horse trainer for Hollywood studios, she starts feeling things she had long forgotten.

But when a young woman’s body is discovered on resort land, newcomer Callen becomes the main suspect of a deputy sheriff with a grudge.

For the longbow family, the murder not only creates a shadow over their business it also brings up the old hurt of Bodine’s Aunt who vanished in 1991.

The book is set up as the alternating stories of Bodine and a woman named Esther who lives in an isolated cabin in the woods with her only point of contact a nameless, abusive man that she only knows as Sir.

Come Sundown falls into the thriller and suspense category for me even though there is a strong romantic element. While the chemistry thread between Callen and Bodine certainly runs through the whole book, the meat of the story is the mystery of finding the murderer and watching Esther being stripped of her personhood by her abuser and hoping for her escape.


Excerpt from Come Sundown

God, she just wanted to be home. The angle of the sun told her she’d never make it by nightfall, and she could smell fresh snow in the air.

Maybe–maybe if she cut through the trees, across the fields, she could make it to the Skinner place. She stopped, tired, torn.

Safer to stay on the road, but heading across the fields would cut off a good mile or more. Plus, there were a couple of cabins, if she could remember her way. Barebones for wilderness vacationers, but she could break in, get a fire going, maybe even find some canned food.

She looked down the seemingly endless road, then over the snow-buried fields, toward the snowcapped mountains rising into a sky going gray-blue with dusk and the oncoming snow. Later, Alice would think of that indecision, that few minutes of hesitation standing in the bitter wind on the shoulder of the road. The few minutes before she took a step toward the fields, the mountains, that would have taken her into the lengthening shadows of the pines, away from the road. 

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The Come Sundown Audiobook

This book is also available with audio narration by Elisabeth Rodgers through Audible and Whispersync on Kindle.