The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson  Book Review

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson is a gothic horror. Built by Hugh Crain, Hill House is an 80-year-old mansion with a reputation for supernatural activity. The book centres around an experiment run over the summer by supernatural investigator Dr John Montague at the mansion. Having sent out invitations to people he believes have had real paranormal experiences he only manages to get two to commit, making the party of only

Cold Moon over Babylon by Michael McDowell Book Review

Cold Moon over Babylon by Michael McDowell is an American Gothic horror set in the sleepy town of Babylon, Alabama. The Larkin family’s past is marked by a tragic accident that claimed the lives of the Larkin parents, leaving their young son and daughter and struggling blueberry farm in the care of their grandmother. unfortunately the tragedy doesn’t end there, year later 14 year old Margret Larkin is murdered and

The Blackwater Saga by Michael McDowell Book Review

A darkness arrives in the small town, Perdido, Alabama on Easter Sunday of 1919 creating an uneasiness that no one can quite figure out. Elinor Dammert is rescued in the aftermath of a flood by Oscar Caskey. She is beautiful and charming but her beauty hides a secret. Beneath the murky water of the Perdido River, she turns into a terrifying, creature that generations of Perdido residents thought was just

The Hospital by Keith C Blackmore

Augustus Berry is a survivor known as Mountain Man and in this short audiobook, we are introduced to him and the post-apocalyptic world in which he lives. The audiobook is only about an hour long but it’s great fun. We start off with Mountain Man scrounging for supplies in a hospital. The only problem is, there could be zombies around every corner and behind every closed door. Then he discovered