The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton Book Review

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton is a story about three women, Dorothy and Laurel, told over the 73 years that spans 1938 to 2011. The Secret Keeper is a story that shows how the decisions of one person can impact the next generation. Dorothy is strong-willed and hugely selfish in many ways, she is determined that she is meant for greatness and goes moves to London to be a companion to

The Planter's Wife by Ann Bennett Book Review

The Planter’s Wife by Ann Bennett is a historical novel set during World War II. in 1938 sisters, Juliet and  Rose arrive in Penang to stay with an aunt after the death of their father in England. Juliet falls in love with the dashing Gavin Crosby, a plantation owner who is looking for a bride. Having left her sister and aunt to live in an exotic fairytale with her new

The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline Book Review

The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline is a historical fiction novel that moves between 2011 Maine and Depression-era Minnesota, exploring the trauma experienced by orphans in those days and how unlikely people can share deep connections. There was once a time between 1854 to 1929 when children who were orphans or given over to the state to take care of were put on trains that travelled from the big

Valley of The Kings by Terrance Coffey Book Review

Valley of The Kings by Terrance Coffey is the first book in a trilogy of the fictionalised empire of Egypt during the days of the pharaohs. the book centres on the lives of the royal family, weaving the established facts we know about these people into a story that brings them to life.  The story begins with Pharoah Amenhotep III and his relationship with his wives Queen Ty and Lady