A Mind of Her Own by Paula McLain Audiobook Review

A Mind of Her Own by Paula McLain is an Audible Original narrated by Hillary Huber about Marie Curie’s earlier life. This is a short story that is an easy 1 and a half hour listen, perfect for a commute.

The story starts off in 1893 Paris where 25-year-old Polish, Marie Sklodowska is studying science at the Sorbonne. Determined to win a male-dominated field and in a world that is just starting to let women into higher education, Marie throws herself into her studies. Her talents attract the attention of thirty-five-year-old Pierre Curie an up-and-coming physicist, famous for his work on symmetry.

With her heart and mind at odds over Pierre, Marie must navigate the unexpected path of love that life has thrown at her and decided if she truly can have it all, love and an illustrious career.

This is a sweet take on the fictionalised origin story of Marie Curie. Listen to it knowing that you will get a little science with a romance story and you won’t be disappointed, but do not expect this to be a story that focuses on her as an individual. On the plus side, it does leave you wanting to know more about the great woman, and in my book, anything that leaves you wanting to explore the achievements of women is a winner.