A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie is a Miss Marple novel and one of Christie’s later works. I thought that I had read most of the Miss Marple series and I was delighted when this book popped up as a recommendation on my Facebook feed. No surprise that I went and bought it immediately.

In this book, we join Miss Marple at the Golden Palm resort on St Honoré a Caribbean island where her nephew has sent her to convalesce after an illness. While the island and weather are beautiful, Miss Marple’s sharp mind is bored by the endless sameness of every day. During one of these boring afternoons, Major Palgrave, a long-winded guest, tells her a story about a man who got away with murder more than once. The next day the Major is found dead in his room and Miss Marple is convinced he was murdered.

The Characters

This book is a little different for me in two ways, the setting is a little more modern than I’m used to having with this particular character and secondly miss Marple is frail, something that you don’t really see in the older books where despite her age she is active and up for a challenge. However, despite these difference, I loved the book and it immediately immersed me in the coziness that I expect from a Christie mystery.

What I loved

I loved how this is a typical cozy mystery but is not easy to solve, I like mysteries that don’t give away too much so that the reader feels clever.

What I did not like

I didn’t like seeing a frail Miss Marple, but that is completely my own sentimentality showing through, it does not impact the story at all.


Major Palgrave began fumbling through an over-stuffed wallet murmuring to himself: ‘Lots of things in here—don’t know why I keep all these things…’

Miss Marple thought she did know. They were part of the Major’s stock-in-trade. They illustrated his repertoire of stories. The story he had just told, or so she suspected, had not been originally like that—it had been worked up a good deal in repeated telling.

The Major was still shuffling and muttering—‘Forgotten all about that business. Good-looking woman she was, you’d never suspect—now where—Ah—that takes my mind back—what tusks! I must show you—’

He stopped—sorted out a small photographic print and peered down at it. ‘Like to see the picture of a murderer?’

Similar books or authors

Agatha Christie was a prolific writer and has 12 full-length Marple books and 20 short stories. If you like this series then I’d recommend her Hercules Poirot series as well.

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Mystery

Best Part: Miss Marple’s signature sass

Is it available on audio? Yes